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Visio 2016 Training Videos

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Microsoft has just released a new set of online training videos for Visio 2016. I’ve created detailed outlines of the course material and provided direct links to pages and modules within their website so you can instantly jump to the content you want to digest!

Microsoft has provided a rather extensive series of videos, but as far as I can see, there’s no comprehensive outline, other than a top-level page that shows the names of two main tracks, and links to the starts of eight modules. If you’re looking to learn specific techniques, the outlines I’ve provided below might help. You can easily browse the lists provided here or [Ctrl + F] search for specific terms on the page.

I’ve provided two outlines for your navigating pleasure. The first Overview Outline shows the tracks, modules and individual videos or documents, with corresponding links. The Detailed Outline lists the topics and techniques covered under each lesson (video or document). This should make it easier for you to “decide before you buy”, and pinpoint exactly the item you want to watch or read about.

Here are a few screenshots from the video series to tempt you:

Sharing Visio diagrams on your SharePoint portal:

Editing a shared diagram in Visio Online (editing…online!)

Managing the “Humans” layer in an Office Spaceplan:

Anyway, the point of videos is to watch and listen, so lets get to the outlines, and more importantly, the hyperlinks!

Overview Outline

This outline just hits the tracks, modules and topic videos/lessons so you can quickly grasp the layout of the video series.


Track 1: Create Diagrams With Shapes and Text


Quick Start (5 Steps)

Intro to Visio (5 videos)

Create Diagrams (5 videos)

Add Shapes and Connectors (6 videos)

Add Text, Pictures and Tables (5 videos)


Track 2: Design and Share


Design a Diagram (8 videos)

Share and Protect (4 videos)

Customize Shapes and Stencils (3 videos)

Detailed Outline

This outline essentially repeats the outline above, but adds the paragraph headings that organize the detailed text that you’ll find beneath each video or article on each linked page. Perusing this list is a great way to get a detailed look into Visio’s capabilities, as well as its terminology. And you can easily use your browsers search function to find which videos will cover the topics you’re most interested in.


Track 1: Create Diagrams with Shapes and Text


Quick Start (5 Steps)

Welcome to Visio 2016 (article)

  • Tutorial video series overview

Create and Save (article)

  • Select a template
  • Add a shape
  • Add and automatically connect shapes
  • Connect shapes
  • Add text to a shape

Format in Visio (article)

  • Format a shape
  • Add text to the drawing page
  • Apply Themes and Variants
  • Select a background

Set Up Your Mobile Apps (article)

  • Links to iOS, Android and Windows mobile software.

Learn More (article)

  • “Tell me what you want to do” help system
  • Links to other resources


Intro to Visio (5 videos)

What is Visio (video)

  • Organize complex ideas visually
  • Preexisting content
  • Connect shapes, add text, use pictures, show relationships
  • Professional appearance with themes, styles, effects and backgrounds
  • Dynamic diagrams linked to data in Excel, Access, or SharePoint
  • Save diagrams to cloud and share, or view in browser
  • View diagrams on mobile devices

Using Visio Shapes (video)

  • Browse for shapes
  • Search for shapes
  • Add shapes
  • Delete shapes

Change the Drawing Scale (video)

  • Design > Page setup
  • Drawing scale
  • Predefined vs Custom scales

Choose the Right View for the Task (video)

  • Show or hide the rulers
  • Work with guides
  • Show or hide the grid
  • Snap shapes to the grid, guides, and rulers
  • View a diagram in presentation mode

Change Grid Spacing Size (video)

  • Show or hide the grid
  • Work with a variable grid
  • Work with a fixed grid


Create Diagrams (5 videos)

Create a Diagram from a Template (video)

  • Open and find a template
  • Delete a shape in your diagram
  • Change a shape
  • Connect a new shape
  • Add text to a shape
  • Move connectors and shapes
  • Save the diagram

Create a Flowchart (video)

  • Open the basic flowchart template
  • Add and connect shapes
  • Connect shapes
  • Add text to a shape or connector
  • Fix alignment and spacing automatically

Create an Organizational Chart (video)

  • Start with the Organization Chart Wizard
  • Change the look of an org chart
  • Add a picture to a shape
  • Add a new person
  • Add a team frame and title

Create a Floor Plan (video)

  • Open a floor plan template
  • Change the drawing scale
  • Add floor plan shapes

Create a Network Diagram (video)

  • Open a network diagram template
  • Turn on AutoConnect
  • Add shapes


Add Shapes and Connectors (6 videos)

Add and Format Shapes (video)

  • Add shapes
  • Select shapes
  • Change a shape into another shape
  • Rotate or flip shapes
  • Resize shapes
  • Move shapes
  • Change the look of shapes

Draw lines and Custom Shapes (video)

  • Find and use the drawing tools
  • Draw a custom shape
  • Create an identical shape
  • Edit a custom shape
  • Rotate a shape
  • Add a custom shape to your favorites
  • Save stencil

Connect Shapes (video)

  • Automatically connect shapes
  • Add a moveable connection to a shape
  • Add a fixed connection to a shape
  • Move a connection point
  • Delete a connection point

Format Connectors (video)

  • Change the look of a connector quickly
  • Format a connector

Measure a Distance in a Diagram (video)

At time of publishing there was a bug here. The video link was incorrect, showing “Organize Shapes in Containers”.

  • Find and open the measure tools
  • Measure lengths and distances

Show Shape Size or Dimensions (video)

  • Display measurements on the diagram
  • Change the measurement units
  • Change the size of a shape


Add Text, Pictures and Tables (5 videos)

Add Text to Shapes, Diagrams, or Connectors (video)

  • Add text to a shape or connector
  • Edit text on a shape or connector
  • Rotate text in a shape or connector
  • Add text to a drawing page
  • Move text in a shape or on a connector
  • Change the look of text in a shape, connector, or text box

Annotate a Diagram (video)

  • Add a callout to a shape
  • Move the callout to another shape

Add Hyperlinks (video)

  • Link to a web or email address
  • Link to another page in the diagram
  • Link to a document
  • Edit a hyperlink

Add Pictures (video)

  • Add a picture from your computer or from SharePoint
  • Move a picture
  • Resize a picture
  • Adjust a picture

Create a Table (video)

  • Build a table with shapes
  • Embed an Excel worksheet
  • Format an embedded Excel table
  • Remove empty columns and rows from an embedded Excel table


Track 2: Design and Share


Design a Diagram (8 videos)

Align and Position Shapes (video)

  • Position shapes manually
  • Align and space shapes automatically
  • Align shapes without changing the spacing
  • Set an equal distance between shapes

Apply a Theme to a Diagram (video)

  • Apply a theme to a page
  • Apply a different theme to a page in the same diagram
  • Remove a theme or background
  • Prevent themes from affecting a new shape

Organize Shapes in Containers (video)

  • Add a container
  • Connect shapes to containers
  • Reposition the container
  • Change the look of a container
  • Prevent changes to a container
  • Remove a container

Organize Flowchart Shapes in Swimlanes (video)

  • Add swimlanes to a flowchart
  • Change the title of a swimlane
  • Change the size or position of a swimlane

Add or Delete a Page (video)

  • Add a new page
  • Rename a page
  • Reorder pages
  • Delete a page

Add a Background to a Drawing Page (video)

  • Create a background page
  • Modify a background page
  • Apply an existing background to a page
  • Remove or replace a background

Add a Header or Footer (video)

  • Create a header and footer page
  • Create a new text box in the footer
  • Apply a background
  • Apply an existing header and footer to a page

Manage Shapes by Adding Layers (video)

  • See which layers a shape is assigned to
  • Show or hide a layer
  • Assign shapes to layers
  • Make a layer active
  • Create a layer
  • Delete a layer


Share and Protect (4 videos)

Share diagrams on SharePoint (video)

  • Save a diagram to SharePoint
  • Open the diagram in a web browser

Print a diagram (video)

  • Preview the diagram
  • Fit the diagram on a single page
  • Add a header or footer
  • Print the diagram

Save a diagram as an image or a PDF file (video)

  • Save as a PDF file
  • Save as an image file

Prevent changes to a diagram (video)

  • Lock or unlock shapes
  • Lock or unlock layers
  • Prevent changes to the entire diagram


Customize Shapes and Stencils (3 videos)

Import shapes (video)

  • Search for shapes online
  • Dowload stencils from the cloud

Create, save, and share custom stencils (video)

  • Create a custom stencil
  • Add shapes to a custom stencil
  • Share a custom stencil with your team
  • Download a custom stencil from SharePoint

Edit master shapes (video)

  • Add shapes to My Shapes
  • Edit stencils
  • Rename masters


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