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Husky & Cougar Visio Logo Shapes

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Update Nov. 25th, 2016: The most “important” Apple Cup in a long, long time. 5th ranked Washington vs. #23 Washington State. WHOA NELLY!


Update Dec. 29 2010: The Huskies have weaseled their way into a bowl game, a rematch with Nebraska today.

Original Post Below:

It’s rivalry weekend, and that means WA bragging rights are up for grabs.

Let’s start off with some music!

We’ll get the Cougs out of the way first:

Bow Down:

And a little bit of history:


Get your Visio logo shapes for the University of Washington Huskies and Washington State Cougars and put your creativity to work bugging your coworkers!

December’s cold and dark has settled in, but one last apple has yet to be harvested. On Saturday, fans in Crimson and Gray and Purple and Gold will descend upon a chilly Palouse, to bid adieu to the 2010 college football season.

For Washington and Washington State football fans, this year’s Apple Cup is being played later than it has in 110 years. Pushed to the twelfth month of the year, the temperature at kickoff won’t be more than 27° (-3°C), and a 4pm start time ensures that it’s all down-hill from there.

Speaking of downhill, the Cougars have a laughable 2-9 record, and the Huskies are an embarrassing 5-6. Only the heat of cross-state rivalry will keep fans warm this year, as there are no dreams of trips to sunnier places this winter.

Which brings us to today’s download! Husky and Cougar logo shapes! If you’re not already on the road to Pullman, there’s no reason you can’t start a war in your office right now…or on Monday after the results are in!

click to view larger image

Why Make Visio Logo Shapes?

Visio is for creating serious business process flows, network layouts, facilities management office plans, and data-connected diagrams of all kinds, right? Well, yes, but I have several reasons for creating these things.

  • I’m an artist stuck in the body of someone who needs to earn a living. This is my outlet!
  • Logos are fun! You can add spice and smack-talk to meeting handouts and presentations.
  • The challenge! I enjoy pushing Visio as far as I can, and believe that it can be used to create attractive graphics, given the right techniques and add-ons.
  • Research. I’ve been slowly developing automated tools that make it easier to create graphical shapes. Cool-looking logos are my test bed.
  • Vector art has advantages over bitmap images (that you swipe from the web)
  • It’s Friday, let’s have some fun!

Of course, this still leaves the unanswered question; “Why make a Cougar logo shape?”

I don’t want to turn this article into a treatise, but let’s take a quick look at a few of these points.

Vector Shapes Resize Better than Bitmaps

When you decide to burn up your office’s supply of printer ink by printing a huge GO HUSKIES! Banner, you’ll be glad you didn’t just pinch an image from Bing and resize it to monstrous proportions:

Vector Art in Native Format is More Flexible

You can modify native Visio shapes with the formatting, drawing tools and Boolean operations. These examples would hard to create using bitmaps in Visio. You’d have to call your local PhotoShop pro, who probably doesn’t like sports anyway.

Apologies for the gore and WSU support in advance:

Transparent Backgrounds are Automatic with Vector Art

Visio does support transparent backgrounds of PNG images, but your run-of-the-mill image will often have a rectangular background that is hard to get rid of. Using bitmaps in your presentations can look amateurish.

click to view larger image

Get your Dawg and Coug Visio Shapes!

That wraps-up the serious part of the show. I hope that it was technical enough that you can write-it off as “real work” and personal development.

So get your Washington Husky and Washington State Cougar Visio Logo Shapes and have a great weekend!

Husky & Cougar Visio Logo Shapes (127.93 kB) - 1324 downloads
Help support Visio Guy!

Note: donations are not required for this download. However, we really appreciate any help we can get!

Feel free to try out the download first, then donate afterwards if you find it really useful. Thank you!

If you’re dreading getting back to work, here’s some more fun…

And if you Husky fans have the tune stuck in your head, but don’t know the words, here’s some help:

Bow down to Washington,

Bow down to Washington,

Mighty are the men

Who wear the purple and the gold,

Joyfully we welcome them

Within the victors fold.

We will carve their names (names!)

In the Hall of Fame (fame!)

To preserve the memory of our devotion.

So heaven help the foes of Washington;

They’re trembling at the feet

Of mighty Washington,

Our boys are there with bells (bells!),

Their fighting blood excels (excels!),

It’s harder to push them over the line

Than pass the Dardanelles.

So victory’s the cry of Washington

Our leather lungs together

With a Rah! Rah! Rah!

And o’er the land

The loyal band

Will sing the glory

Of Washington forever.


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