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Text on a Circle Visio SmartShape

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When you purchase Text on a Circle Visio SmartShape, you get a Visio stencil that contains three master shapes. These shapes allow you to type a maximum of 25, 50 or 100 characters of text, which flows around a circle.

Because the shapes are very complex, use the smallest capacity shape that you can for performance reasons. The 100-character shape can react quite slowly during resizing operations.

Purchase Text on a Circle Visio SmartShape


  • Type and edit text on a fully-resizable circle
  • Freely position text using a clock-hand guide and a control handle
  • Show an adjustable disk or a ring as a background
  • Show and hide guides
  • Change the text orientation for around-the-top or around the-bottom text
  • Left-, center-, or right-align text relative to the clock-hand control
  • Change the baseline of the text
  • Increase or decrease the spacing between characters

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Text on a Circle Visio Shape

More Demos

Demonstration Video – coming soon

Animation (restarts after ten seconds)


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Tested On

  • Visio 2013 SP1 (US English), Windows 7 (US English)
  • Visio 2010 (US English), Windows 7 (US English)
  • Visio 2007 Pro (DE German), Windows 7 SP1 (DE German)
  • Visio 2003 Pro (US English), Windows XP SP3 (EN English)

Multiple Licenses

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