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Hi and Welcome to Visio Guy!

Sorry to be a pain, but in order to get some of the free downloads, you need to be a registered member.

Note: we did a major purge of inactive user accounts in March, 2014. Most of these were spam-user accounts that were clogging the system, but yours might have fallen victim too. If you used your account for downloading but not for commenting, then it is probably toast. You’ll need to re-register to get the downloads. Thanks for your patience–and for really taking one for the team! Hopefully the great, free content on this site will make up for some of your pain and suffering!

Groan! I know, I KNOW! Hey, that’s what your Gmail address is for!

So why do we bother pestering you with registration? Here’re three reasons:

  • To gain perspective on which topics are important to the Visio community
  • To cut down on abuse (like people and machines downloading everything over and over, whether they need it or not)
  • To occasionally contact you with important notices

Registration is fast and simple, requiring only a user name and a valid e-mail address. You should receive a confirmation e-mail with your password from wordrpess – at – visguy – dot – com. If you don’t see it, check your spam filters and junk mail folders!

Now that we’ve gathered your information, what can you ‘look forward to’? Well, if we had an official privacy policy it would go something like this:

Your registration information will remain with Visio Guy and will not be shared with 3rd parties. We reserve the right to occasionally send you e-mails regarding important notices and Visio-related, Visio-Guy-developed product offers. Such intrusions will be kept to a minimum. (Note: since 2006 we have done this exactly ZERO times!)

Please note that the discussion forum requires a separate log-in. The web site and forum software are different, and we’ve never had the time to attempt to synchronize user accounts.

If you haven’t registered with this site, do that first:

If you already have an account with Visio Guy, then:

When you log-in, there is an option to Remember Me, so you won’t have to re-login every time you want to download free content from Visio Guy.

Thanks for visiting Visio Guy!

– Chris Roth